It’s the club’s ethos that football can bridge great social, political and racial barriers in both London and England. This is why QMFC put great emphasis on community work.

Tournament // Autumn 2017

On the back of the success of the QMFC Football Festival, which took place in February, this autumn the club will run a football tournament for local schools, fully funded by the Queen Mary University Annual Fund. The event’s purpose is to bridge the gap between university and the community, using football as a common-ground that all children and QMFC members understand and love.

Whilst providing an opportunity for the children to get out of the classroom and keep active, the day should also give pupils the opportunity to ask QMFC members about university study and life, hopefully opening some of their eyes to the possibility and capabilities of reaching higher education.

Mentoring Project

This year we are proud to have set up a project with Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College where our members lead football sessions with year 8 pupils alongside delivering enrichment. We’re happy to have had some great feedback for the project, which has been given an award by the university, and we look forward to continuing the good work!


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