2017: Following on from the sucess of the previous two years QMFC jetted off in June for it’s third consecutive football tour – this time to Barcelona. Under the guide of social secretaries Will Axcell and Charlie Blanchard, 20 boys toured the city soaking up the sun, taking on the locals at beach football and enjoying the nightlife.


2016: After taking over the continent in 2015 and with QMFC under their wing, social secretaries Will Player and Jonny Barrett set off to Prague to repeat the club’s touring success. In a busy 5 days and in the midst of the 2016 European Championships the boys revelled in the sunshine at the fanpark to watch England beat Wales before letting off steam at the beach volleyball.

The less said about our response to England’s defeat to Iceland the better…


2015: Thirty club members made history as QMFC embarked on its first football tour.

Led by social secretaries Joe Hosken and Declan McLoughlin, the location of the 5 day holiday was kept unkown right until the lads were about to take off at Gatwick airport on June the 8th. The location for the following week’s antics was finally revealed as Lisbon, Portugal… the rest was history.


With World cup year upon us in 2018 we are excited to see where current social secreatries will take the boys on our annual mystery tour and see QMFC domination on the international scene occur once again.

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